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Kye is a action-puzzle classic! Now brought to Playdate by Mouflon Cloud and gingerbeardman

Kye was originally made for Windows 3.1 by Colin Garbutt and over the years ported and remade many times.  You can play the original on archive.org and now you can play it on Playdate, too. 

How to play Kye?

The Help  section of the original game servers as a good intro: 

Kye is a small smiley-face and its goal is to collect all diamonds in every level without getting stuck or eaten by monsters (spooky, right?). Kye can push some objects and, under certain circumstances, pull them. Players must experiment to find the properties of the various objects. 

FACTS: Kye is named after the dog of the original game creator “for the way she rushes about all over the place”.

The first level is a playground, use it to try out everything there is!

Crank to Undo

In its Playdate incarnation, Kye has a priceless feature: Crank to Undo! Simply use the crank to recover last few steps when you find yourself in trouble.

Be careful though, the crank is a mighty gift.

Version 0.1

We release this game incomplete and buggy, but it’s a bit of a delight already! Please, try out the current version — first few levels should work without any problem. Let us know whether you like the game!

There are still important parts missing: most glaringly, some of the objects in the levels do not work — autosliders, doors, timers and black holes (these are all from the later version of the game). All these should work very soon! 

The other thing is that there are several versions of the game and some of the levels may not work in our implementation. We’ll need some feedback, so if you encounter a broken level or, if you complete a level set and feel good about it, let us know!

We have a bit of a roadmap:

  • v0.7 — all mechanics are implemented and tested (hopefully in a few weeks time)
  • v0.8 — there are sounds and nice visuals
  • v0.9 — most bugs are squashed and there’s not a lot of new ones
  • v1.0 — code is open sourced, thinking about level editor


kye.pdx.zip 267 kB

Install instructions

You can sideload this file to your Playdate via your account at the play.date website. If you never did that before, you may follow this tutorial: 


by Mouflon Cloud · 1 post
by Mouflon Cloud · 1 post
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